Ballarat Botanical Gardens Signage

The Ballarat Botanical Gardens comprises three distinct sections – the North Gardens Reserve, a fairly open area sometimes used for concerts, the South Gardens Reserve, which houses the Australian Prisoner of War Memorial and the Ballarat Tramways Museum, and the Botanical Gardens themselves in the middle. Following a comprehensive review, we completed the design and documentation phases for the Garden’s signage in late 2016. The signs have now been manufactured and installed.

The Botanical Gardens presented a complex and challenging design task. There are five levels of entry – each requiring their own signage solutions to identify, inform and, in some cases, regulate. Some of the entries are staff only, some are via a Lych gate, some are grand and some are very minor – but each of the entries is designated with a gate number.

The three major entries to the Gardens are provided with large freestanding map and directory signs. The gate number and regulatory information is provided on a narrow freestanding sign nearby.

Smaller freestanding signs provide information for the Garden’s special areas and features, such as the Prime Ministers Avenue.