Ecolinc The visual identity design program for Ecolinc, one of six specialist science education centres built by the State Government, was extensive. It involved name creation, logo design and application of a house style to a broad suite of communications (stationery, brochures, banners, website) and signage. The angularity of the signage responds to the form of the new, award-winning building…read more

Ballarat Community Health

Ballarat Community Health An on-going client, Ballarat Community Health Centre undertook a major overhaul of their visual identity in 2005. The design program was far-reaching. After reviewing their existing collateral, a new, dynamic, typographic logo was developed. This, along with the newly designed house style, was applied right across the full range of stationery, print and electronic communications, and…read more

Her Majesty’s Theatre, Ballarat

Her Majesty’s Theatre, Ballarat Formerly known as the Academy of Music, Her Majesty’s Theatre is the oldest continually operating theatre in mainland Australia. (The Ballarat Courier, in its edition of Tuesday 8 June 1873, boasts “The first and only Temple of Apollo in the colonies…”) It became Her Majesty’s Theatre in 1899, then the Memorial…read more

Earth Ed

Earth Ed Another of the State Government’s specialist science education centres, Earth Ed was completed in 2010. As with Ecolinc, we designed and implemented the centre’s visual identity. The Earth’s molten core forms the central idea for the Earth Ed logo, with the cross-section defined by a sphere that’s been modified to resemble an “e”. The whole is tilted 23˚…read more


Orticare Orticare is the name we created for the Grampians Loddon Mallee Pharmacotherapy Network, one of three organisations set up by the Victorian Government to help with the provision of information and support for people who have become addicted to opiates (morphine, etc), mostly through prescription. What is Pharmacotherapy? Pharmacotherapy – also called opioid replacement therapy…read more

Ballarat Fine Art Gallery

Ballarat Fine Art Gallery This identity was commissioned in 1998 by the then Director, Margaret Rich, and applied to the Gallery’s suite of stationery, promotional collateral (guest pass, visitor information guide, brochure) and internal signage. As part of the brief, the logo enabled use by the Association and the Foundation through the simple substitution of the Eureka star…read more

Southern Grampians Shire Council

Southern Grampians Shire Council The Southern Grampians Shire is a diverse rural area centred on the city of Hamilton in western Victoria. Formed in 1994 due to local government restructuring, Southern Grampians Shire Council was formed by the amalgamation of the City of Hamilton and the Shires of Dundas, Hamilton, Mt. Rouse and Wannon. In response to the…read more


VAPAC The Victorian Association of Performing Arts Centres is a state-wide network of performing arts centres promoting and fostering best practice in centre management, operations and artistic programming, as well as acting to connect member PACs, performing arts companies, entrepreneurs and event organisers with audiences and venues. Our design response was to develop a logo…read more

Art Deco Regional Festival

Art Deco Regional Festival 2008 We created the visual identity design program for this one-off regional festival for a special committee comprising the Art Deco Society of Victoria, Heritage Victoria and the National Trust. It involved the design of the event logo and the application of a house style to stationery, brochures, banners and website.


Stationery – a dying art Once the staple of many an identity program, the design and production of comprehensive stationery suites is now all but non-existent. As well as the 2D design, a huge variety of paper and card stocks, embellishments (foiling, embossing, verco-type), die-cutting and surface coatings once enabled organisations to express and differentiate…read more