Mullawallah Wetlands

Interpretation signage for one of Ballarat’s hidden jewels Mullawallah Wetlands is a locally significant body of water that for many years has been largely hidden from view. Part of the Ballarat Common, it is now managed by Ballarat Environment Network. This project seeks to provide information about and interpretation of the wetland – its history…read more

The case for an inclusive, exclusive Australian Flag

The case for an inclusive, exclusive Australian Flag Labor for an Australian Republic held a conference at the Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka on Saturday 2 May. I was invited to speak on the case for a new Australian Flag. That we need a new Australian Flag is surely beyond question – as an independent country, why do we…read more

Believe Me

Believe Me In this age of misinformation, disinformation and media spin – when saying one thing means another – can we ever be sure of the truth? And as graphic designers, where does our responsibility lie; in communicating the truth or our client’s message?  

1847 Shakspeare’s House Poster

Auction Poster, Shakspeare’s House, 1847 We came by this poster for the 1847 sale of Shakspeare’s (sic) House at an auction in Ballarat in 2012. After a little on-line investigation, we found that a copy of the poster is also held by The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust at The Shakespeare Centre, Henley Street, Stratford-on-Avon. A veritable riot of…read more

Eureka Flag: The debate continues

Eureka Flag: The debate continues The battle at Eureka on Sunday 3rd December 1854 was brief – lasting less than an hour – but debate about it’s importance and relevance to modern Australia still rages in some quarters. The latest debate centres on “ownership” of the flag and what it means and symbolises. For students of history,…read more

Restored Howitzer unveiled

On 22 August, Mayor Cr John Philips unveiled a restored German Howitzer “short gun” sFH02 No.68 that has a particular link to Ballarat. Gun No. 68 was one of many captured by Allied Forces during the Battle of Amiens on the morning of 8 August 1918. Australian Imperial Force’s 57th Battalion, under the command of Lieutenant…read more